Birthday gift that was set over the valentines day holiday weekend

So last week was Valentines Day.

Check out some of the gifts I recently completed for the holiday.  Check out my caricature store if you are interested in getting something for that special someone.

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Spider Gwen ACEO Cards

Decided to paint these last night. and play around with a little glitter.  I was tired but could not sleep so I ended up drawing.  I find that when I have unproductive days where I dont get any drawing done for whatever reason I feel to guilty to sleep sometimes.  I also feel guilty when…

Its Valentines Day Weekend!

I just got home from running all over the place doing errands and the stores are packed with people preparing for Valentines day. The cool thing about Caricatures is you can make really fun personal gifts for people that they can enjoy. it is really a unique gift that can be hard to come by….


Jessica Rabbit Wonder Woman and Making some updates finally.

Its been a while. I have been through many up and downs, sick family I been sick moving a lot just so many things. But I think it is time Drawlikecrazy’s website start to get off the ground and running.  Thank you so much to those that have remained loyal over the years, visiting the…

Trying to update!

So i want to start posting and updating the site but for some reason I keep getting this error message that wont allow me to do anything. it really sucks.   message that wont allow me to do anything. it really sucks.